Brandy and dating

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Some “insiders” told that he wants his “fans” to think “that he is an eligible bachelor” and that “Calum says being single is part of his brand.” Why he would go on a TV show about wanting to find a relationship if he did not actually want to find a relationship? Plus, being with Brandi would actually raise his profile since she is way more famous than he is. Calum posted a meme (below) on Instagram that I’m sure had Brandi fuming and sending him some angry text rants (or at least that’s how I imagine her reacting).

And if you look at the rest of his Instagram and see the random “models” he’s taking pics with, you’ll see more ammunition to piss off Brandi (or at least that’s what I’m assuming).

Watching him on the show, he seems charming and genuine with his desire to be in a relationship and with his interest in fellow cast member Brandi Glanville.

I even find myself rooting for these two when I watch the episodes, but apparently Calum is not feeling the same way. about how Calum is supposedly afraid that dating Brandi would ruin his brand.

A source in the couple's close-knit circle revealed to that after moving in together, the two decided marriage may not be in the cards right now.

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1997 - 1998Brandy Norwood dated Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris in the late '90s.

that, despite his stage name, he’s not a Christian artist.

The emcee claims that his music is meant to be the “connecting piece between our spirituality and our day-to-day world.” And lately it seems he’s been “connecting” a lot with singer Brandy. She was last involved with music executive Ryan Press back in 2014; the two were engaged but never married.

For now, Brandi isn't looking too far into the future, but instead is focused on laughing with Theo in the now. He's hilarious and I think the most important thing that any guy can do for you is make you laugh," the 43-year-old said.

And, yes, he's even made an appearance on Brandi's Unfiltered Podcast.

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