I have no luck on dating sites

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I’ve tried some of the most popular dating apps, and here’s what I’ve found: If you want to swipe mindlessly, try Tinder or OKCupid. Matches are based solely on mutual physical attraction.

OKCupid is similar, except you answer a bevy of super-personal questions first.

You guys have such out of whack expectations that you think you’re emailing the average women when you’re not. What I do know is that you don’t appear to be having any luck. If you guys out there complaining about how difficult and delusional women are are swinging for the fences all the time, then that explains why you’re not having much luck. I find this constant complaint that women get sooo many more emails than men overwrought and baseless. Or you’re basing that on the women that you meet, which are probably the women being contacted by everybody and using those sites for attention and free meals.Alan Montecillo logged on to Ok Cupid and started filling out his profile.He wrote down his height (6 feet), listed his interests (podcasts, basketball, reading) and included photos of himself outdoors.Then there is the idea that her boss might see, or her friends, or her neighbors, or the guy at the gas station.The whole world sees her as desperate enough to resort to online dating.

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