Inserting and updating long lob colum

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If the loop should have fetched 50 records it might stop after 45 if the 46th record was too big.Without error checking, you may never realize that you're missing some rows!Use ALTER TABLE to convert LONG columns in existing tables to LOBs.See "Migrating LONGs to LOBs: Using ALTER TABLE to Change LONG Column to LOB Types" .To prevent generation of redo space during migration, do the following before migrating your table (syntax is in BNF): , to determine which parts of your application require rewriting when you migrate your table from LONG to LOB column types.

When you run the insert/update, you will be prompted with the Enter Query Parameters window from which you can specify the filename.

I was looking for a query which picks data from a table having Blob column and update a table having LONG RAW column.

It seems Oracle supports only up to 4000 characters.

This will show a Load from File button for parameters of types BLOB, CLOB, IMAGE and CHARACTER/TEXT greater than 1000 bytes.

You will not see this button in Oracle (as Oracle does not give the parameter type).

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