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Ngo had pleaded guilty to one count of underage sex with the girl in his car on Oct 13, 2012. The accused had befriended the victim via an app called Blendr in mid-2012. She had also indicated that she was 18 years old as this was the minimum age allowed for registration.Ngo and the girl then carried over the conversation to mobile messaging app Whats App.After parking, the duo moved to the backseat and started having protected sexual intercourse.After the incident, the duo no longer communicated with each other.During the conversation, the girl told Ngo that she was 15 years old and was still studying.

Local law enforcement has opened at least a dozen criminal investigations into some of those offenders so far.Use our anonymous form to safely and securely pass information about crime or a Most Wanted appeal to us. We don’t want to know your name so please don’t tell us this.Tell us as much as you can, even if you think it might not be helpful.So it's always a concern that they're going to reoffend.”Florida law doesn’t allow sex offenders and predators on social media, unless they register those accounts, called internet identifiers with the state.Internet identifiers are anything from email addresses, to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, and even online dating profiles.

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