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Omarion and longtime girlfriend Apryl Jones have called it quits with the singer announcing their breakup on social media.

"This is the only public statement I will make about a private matter, after this, I will not speak on or respond to any questions or comments on the matter.

While signed to MMG, his management company is none other than Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.

Jones are going at it, all thanks to his latest song. Omarion dropped his new song "It's Whatever," and he talks slick about his new life all while throwing in his ex and baby's mother Apryl.

" Ooh, that's how it post to be (ooh) Ooh, yeah, that's how it post to be (ooh) Ooh, yeah, that's how it post to be (ooh) Everything good like it post to be (ooh) [Verse 2: Chris Brown] Got your girl in my section, finna go up (go up) A nigga smokin' loud, I'm 'bout to roll up (roll up) She ain't never got high like this with a guy like this When she pop, tell her, "Hol' up" (hol' up) Better believe she gon' leave with a real nigga I dick her down, can't put it down like I do (like I do) I get to bustin', no discussin', gotta deal with it Team us, we ain't worried about you (oh) Murder she wrote, yeah, yeah When I hit it, I'ma kill it, I'ma get it like (get it) Murder she wrote You want to know how I know what I know?

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He launched his career in the early 2000s as the lead singer of the boy band B2K.

According to the legal documents obtained by the Jasmine Brand, well-respected singer-songwriter/producer Jon Redwine p.k.a.

Redwine (Jeremih, Tinashe, G-Eazy, Ludacris, etc.) assigned 50 percent of the rights to Chris Brown’s 2014 hit, “Came to Do” (featuring Akon) to BMG.

[Intro: Omarion] Haha, yeah, I'mma let it ride [Verse 1: Pusha T] (I'm just tryna know you better) Let's start with the basics, your in seam, what your waist is?

Nail color, shoe size, what designer's your favorite?

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