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Saber o motivo de um ABEND ajuda muito no diagnóstico do problema.Muitas vezes, a mensagem de Abend, junto com o código são as únicas informações que se usam para resolver o problema.For instance, if a SEND package is created for a study in 2013 and not submitted until 2017, the CT to which it must adhere is the CT active at the time of the packaging (e.g., 2013 or shortly before it). How do I know whether SEND is mandatory for any given endpoint? Is endpoint ___ required for a study type that isn't required?There is no requirement to retroactively update past studies with CT that comes out after finalization. For an endpoint to be required, it must meet two criteria to be considered mandatory for FDA submissions: However, this is purely speaking to what is mandatory.

New CT will be required for studies "within a reasonable timeframe" from the new CT's release date.

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proj_name: the short name of the project datasource_id: the collection number (70910) home_html: the Codeplex home page for the project history_html: the Codeplex history page for the project (this is where we get the cp_projects.create_date from) people_html: the Codeplex developer page where the developers for each project are listed cp_project_history: Lists the 864k unique history events (such as page changes) for the projects, during each collection (70910 in this case).

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