Updating manufactured home

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The two-version approach requires the definition of a second costing version.

The Lacefields purchased an older-model manufactured home to save money and lessen their environmental impact, says Mother Earth News.

The couple told their own story, some quotes from that story follow.

Mother Earth made this part of a larger series on eco-friendly ways to live well, debt free.

Other than professional installation of the home, heat and air, the pair did the rest themselves to save on costs.Mobile homes are manufactured at a factory and transported to the home site.Typically, the manufacturing process also includes creating a look for the home that is popular at the time of construction.She’s stopped using several of her closets because the mold keeps spreading. There’s something about the mold, it doesn’t leave the fabrics,” she says. As soon as the heater turns off the cold starts creeping back in through the windows, the duct work and the cracks in the walls.The mold is particularly problematic for White’s daughter, who has asthma. In the winter, to heat this small space, she says her electricity bill runs 0 a month. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, manufactured homes built before 1980 consume an average of 84,316 BTUs per square foot, 53 percent more than other types of homes.

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