Vb net datetimepicker validating

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It will cause each control to raise a Validating event and return False if any fail, so you know not to proceed. Note that the Date Time Picker is initialized using a value from a database record which could be NULL (or possibly zero or even a nonsense string i suppose).

I want to validate the Date Time Picker control in

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. However, I get the error stating that ' Selected Time' is member of the telerik datetimepicker.

NOTE: MY coding is done with VB, and I'm working in Visual Studio 2010. Is there a way that I could give an error is the textbox has the value of ''?

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Unfortunately, there are two reasons why I cannot rely on the Date Time Picker's ability to prevent entry of dates before today: 1) The Date Time Picker is initialized on form load from a data record which may contain a date in the past.

The first Thursday of the year will be either the 1st, 2nd, all the way up to the 7th of January.

If it were the 1st, week 1 will start on the 29-Dec of the previous year (yes, this is correct: the ISO week 1 for a given year may have dates from the previous year); if the 2nd, week 1 will start on 30-Dec of the previous year; if the 3rd, 31-Dec; if the 4th, 1-Jan; if the 5th, 2-Jan; if the 6th, 3-Jan; and finally if the first Thursday were the 7th, week 1 would start on 4-Jan.

According to the ISO (International Standards Organization) in document ISO 8601, an ISO week starts on a Monday (which is counted as day 1 of the week), and week 1 for a given year is the week that contains the first Thursday in the year.

If you play around with the numbers, you'll see how to calculate the date of the Monday for week 1.

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