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Using the alias Bboy777, he joined the blogosphere in 2003 and eventually built a following for himself after posting stories about his weight-loss goals, fashion purchases and hatred for fake designer goods.

It has been seven whole months since Bryanboy was last in Manila. Last month I did eight cities, it was like a world tour. My husband—we got married in December—is very understanding.

“But if it’s something or somebody that I support, then of course I’m not going to charge,” he said.

“For me money is really not the issue, it’s about getting material and getting my content.” Highlights of the 24-year-old’s career so far include having a Marc Jacobs bag named for him and sitting beside Anna Wintour at a Dolce & Gabbana show, even though she didn’t speak to him.

The famous fashion blogger’s very candid (and graphic) public admission to going under the knife can be seen as refreshing.

Even in this age of over-sharing, most people still find it shameful and mortifying to admit—even among friends—that they’ve had some work done on their faces or bodies.

In November alone, he traveled to eight cities all over the world. It’s extremely painful, though, 120 injections in one hand! It would be a disservice if I don’t present myself at my best. Twenty injections, but with Emla you don’t feel anything. You’ve been quite open about what you’ve had done, while many are still embarrassed to discuss these things, even with their closest friends.

But, at 34, changes are in the offing for this jet-setter, a pioneering fashion blogger who helped overturn the power structure of media in the digital age. They put Emla cream (a topical anesthetic) but it didn’t work on me. I work with the best brands, I won’t be doing them any favors.

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It was an idea that her then boyfriend, Colin Sokol, 33, brought up one day while he observed her taking photos of herself via a camera mounted on a tripod.

” He pointed out that everyone—no exception—has altered his/her appearance at one point, either through makeup, hairstyle, mobile photo-editing apps, or actual cosmetic procedure.

Great content The New York-based blogger, who has close to 600,000 followers each on Instagram and Twitter, said he made the process public “because I thought it would make great content on social media.” The surgeries were done in the Philippines, at the Belo Medical Clinic, and he thought nine days (the duration of his trip) would be too long a time not to post anything on his social media channels.

Until, years later, they broke up, leaving one of them broken-hearted, and the other, a breakout star.

There is a golden rule in style blogging: you are nothing without your photographer.

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