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Dana Perino is TV personality and former White House Press Secretary with attractive body measurements.

With being only 5’2″ tall and nicely slim, her figure is quite petite. Check out also measurements of Maria Molina, Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Tantaros.

Marjorie Cevallos – Miss World Ecuador 2008, Marjorie Cevallos Vera was born in ’86, which puts her right in my age bracket. Estefani Espin – The 26 year old bombshell with a brain, Estefani Espin, began her journalism career as the youngest newscaster ever at CNN Spanish.

She was born in Guayaquil and has lived most of her life in Duran, Ecuador, a small city in the Guayaquil metro area. She studied journalism and Communications in Chicago and Nebraska before joining CNN radio and then CNN Spanish News. María Elisa Camargo – This one is kind of cheating because Maria has Colombian parents and become famous in Colombia, but she was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador so we’ll let it slide.

Have a look at a few prestigious Recognitions & Awards: As pioneers in automating building plan approval systems in India, Soft Tech Engineers Pvt Ltd uniquely understands your specific business needs.So far, it has been implemented in more than 250 Urban Local Bodies (ULB) across the nation.Public Works Information Management System (PWIMS) is a web-based, commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) application aimed at managing core functions in the planning, procurement, and maintenance of public works organisations.I ask locals who their favorite celebrities are and their ranking opinion.For this list I received “insight” from our cooks at the Monkey Rescue Center, computer technicians at the Mac store, Ecuadorian friends in Quito, Baños and Cuenca and even a few bartenders, waitresses and hostel workers along the way.

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