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And welcome to another Let’s Play composed by yours truly, playerprophet. Today I’ll be archiving Namco High while it’s still available. I’m pretty fond of dating sims as a medium especially since Hatoful Boyfriend, so I’m excited to explore Namco High.This, however, will be my first experience with the game as I go!:) Yuko I know I mentioned this in the blog comments, but I'll say it again: today is Ananth's birthday! Everything about how Yuko drew it feels perfect for the moment, to me.I saw a lot of his influence in both Ota’s style and the story overall, a story that follows the lives of two very flawed but passionate people trying to come together and grow into adulthood while facing some seemingly unlucky events.

At this time Namco High is an integrated browser game, and may not be available anywhere when its servers go offline at the end of June.

She convinces herself that she’s unlucky, that she causes disaster to everyone she gets close to, and thus almost destroys her relationship with not-Viking Walter, but her rebound from that is incredibly satisfying.

The storytelling and aesthetic is very reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim.

CREDITS Here’s a record of the Credits as they are listed at the end of the game: NAMCO HIGH Namco Bandai Games Inc. A Shifty Look Game Head Writer Ananth Panagariya Writers Brian Clevinger Magnolia Porter Character Artists Cousin, Taira…

Homestuck, Davesprite, Jane Crocker, and Terezi Pyrope © Andrew Hussie NAMCO BANDAI Games, Namco, and Shifty Look logos ™ & 2013 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

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